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    Best Home Security Systems & Alarms In Toronto

    Toronto is often regarded by Canadians as one of Canada’s safest cities. Evidence suggests, however, that senses of security are almost always illusionary. This is why the Pros will always outweigh the Cons of investing in a smart and reliable home security system in Toronto.

    Mainstreet Research President Quito Maggi, recently found that crime in smaller areas in cities like Toronto rarely gets the same media attention as inner-city crime. Thankfully, with a smart, total home security system, you can better protect your family, home, and business, wherever in Toronto you might be located.

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    Home Security Specials

    Ultra HD HIKVISION 4K IP Cameras with Professional Installation

    • 4 x Cameras 4K
    • 4K DVR
    • 2 TB memory hard drive
    • Cat6 wires ( Wires and Connectors Included )
    • Mobile remote view
    • Allow the user to be notified on a mobile phone when Line Crossing Detection is triggered
    • Warranty Included
    • Full Installation & Lifetime Technical Support
    Home Security Specials

    Full HD Cameras and 4 Channel DVR with Professional Installation

    • 4 x Cameras full HD
    • 4 Channels DVR
    • 2 TB memory hard drive
    • Cat6 wires ( Wires and Connectors Included )
    • Mobile remote view
    • Allow the user to be notified on a mobile phone when Line Crossing Detection is triggered.
    • Warranty Included
    • Full Installation & Lifetime Technical Support
    Home Security Specials

    8 4K Pro Cameras, 4K 8 Channels DVR with Professional Installation

    • 8 x Cameras 4K
    • 4K 8 Channels DVR
    • 4 TB memory hard drive
    • Cat6 wires ( Wires and Connectors Included )
    • Mobile remote view
    • Allow the user to be notified on a mobile phone when Line Crossing Detection is triggered
    • Warranty Included
    • Full Installation & Lifetime Technical Support

    Why choose us as your home security company?

    Protecting your property is a basic human instinct – you’ve worked hard for what you have. Why would you jeopardize that? At iGTA Security Systems, we’re dedicated to providing you true security and peace of mind as your security company. When you know you’re safe and secure, you can rest easily.

    With 10 years in the security business, you can trust us to protect your home, family, and business. We set ourselves apart with unwavering integrity and a strict code of ethics.

    Group 789

    Night Vision


    Professional night/day Security Cameras

    Cool 1

    Weather and Vandal-proof

    Group 791

    HD 4K & 1080P Commercial grade

    Group 792

    2 – Year warranty

    Group 793

    1TB memory hard drive

    Protect Your
    Home And Business
    With The Name You Trust.


      Smart Home Security System Benefits

      Professional Security Alarm Systems Installation

      A hardwired smart security system can only operate as well as how it is set up to operate. This is why we offer on-site security walkthroughs where we identify home and business property security weak points before installing a security system which can work 24/7 to counter threats.

      10-Years Home
      Security Experience

      Having been in operation in Toronto for 10-years, we can install a home and business security system which is adaptive to all your individual security needs and requirements. We constantly familiarize ourselves with local crime trends. This way, we can provide security products which help counter threats before they happen.

      Advanced Security Monitoring

      With advanced monitoring video surveillance of a Toronto home or business security system, you can rest assured that fires, intrusions, acts of vandalism, and break-ins will be responded to as they happen. Advanced professional monitoring of a security system offers the highest level of security possible, without compromising your privacy or regular property access.

      Getting started with IGTA Smart Home Security

      1. Choose right Solution

      Let us help determine the right solution for you.

      2. Call for Pricing

      Request a no-obligation quote on the products and services that interest you.

      3. Schedule an install

      We’ll send IGTA Smart Home Pros to professionally install your new system

      Commercial & Residential Security Center

      CCTV installation, maintenance

      Closed circuit television cameras work as an effective deterrent to crime. Much more importantly, a CCTV security system is an effective way to gather evidence against perpetrators of crime, in order to help identify culprits and later prosecute them in a Toronto court of law.

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      Access Control Systems

      Any modern security system needs to be equipped with state-of-the-art access control software which allows users to control and monitor their system as easily and as conveniently as possible. This is why we equip people investing in new security systems with a variety of innovative and easy to use access control system options.

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      Automatic door openers

      In Canada, at least 1 in 7 people live with some kind of disability. Thankfully, people with personal mobility problems can still benefit from total home security and ease of access to their properties. This is because even the most robust security system can feature accessibility features such as mobile access controls and automatic door openers.

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      Fire Detectors

      The best home or business security system in Toronto will always be one which can detect fires thanks to heat and smoke sensors, as well as just property intruders. This way, a security system will work while you are sleeping, in residence, and away from your property, to detect threats and notify relevant authorities accordingly.

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      Motion Detectors

      Motion detectors can be used as a powerful tool to detect intruders in a property and stop crime in its tracks as it happens. Our own Toronto security systems can subsequently be configured to alert you and authorities to any unauthorized presence in your home or place of business as soon as a presence is detected.

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      Carbon Monoxide Detection

      Carbon monoxide is a silent and surprisingly common threat to home and business owners all across Canada. In fact, using gas heaters without adequate ventilation in winter is itself one of the leading causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. Thankfully, a smart security system can help neutralize threats by immediately alerting property owners to problems.

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      High definition security cameras system

      IT Services & Support

      Modern businesses in Toronto rely more on IT than ever before. System downtime simply isn’t an option, especially if you run an online business. What is more, data security itself is of paramount importance.

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      IT Services & Support

      Network Infrastructure, Maintenance & Management

      Our managed IT services provide Toronto businesses with network infrastructure maintenance and support, guaranteed to keep your network running as fast, effectively, and efficiently as possible.

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      Network Infrastructure, Maintenance & Management

      Intercom & Video Systems

      Wireless intercom and video intercom systems are an easy and effective way to ensure maximum property and personal protection in a wide variety of home and business contexts.

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      IT Services & Support

      PBX Phone System

      A private branch exchange telephone system is a private telephone-based communications network which can facilitate faster and more cost-effective communication between different offices, business departments, and other in-company areas.

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      PBX Phone System

      Security Systems

      Security Systems specialists such as ourselves are in high demand all year round in Toronto. Every day, people lock themselves in and out of properties. Our smart home security solutions provide advanced video cameras, doorbell cameras, and more.

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      Fire Safety & Prevention System Installation in Toronto

      Commercial & Residential Entertainment Systems

      Buying a new home entertainment system is easy. Only a professional entertainment system installation expert

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      Residential Home Automation

      Imagine living in a property where everything from your home security system to property heating and ambient lighting controls, are all taken care of by a discrete smart home network.

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      Smoke Alarm System Installation in Toronto

      TV Mounting

      Mounting a television or home entertainment device can be a fantastic way to free home space and enhance the decorative feel of a property. TV mounting, however, can also be dangerous.

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      IT Services & Support

      Protecting What Matters Most


      Security is a concern that every homeowner has. Circumstances are different, and the requirement for security has changed too. At times we think about our well being and the security of our family in the wake of something has transpired, companions, relatives, or neighbors. The need to precisely furnish our homes with alerts and security frameworks has never been higher.

      Great ways to keep your home safe is to take simple actions to deter burglars from wanting to target your home in the first place. Burglars are attracted to darkness and overgrown trees and bushes because these provide them with the cloak that they need to avoid detection from neighbors and bystanders. By ensuring that your neighborhood and home are adequately lit, then you are deterring burglars from targeting your home. Another home security tip is to provide that your tools are secure inside your house rather than the shed or the garage because the burglar can utilize these tools to break into your home.

      A wireless home security system is powered by batteries and includes a set of security tools to form a kit. Infrared waves, radio waves or line carriers are used within these systems to create a line of communication between components. You need to understand how these work and whether they suit your needs before purchasing one. The systems of today are straightforward to install as some of them only require plugins. The wireless sensors are then placed correctly, and the signals can successfully be communicated.

      The presence of a home security system reduces your chances of having your home burglarized a great deal. When you have a sign and window stickers that indicate that your home is armed with a high-level protection system, it is guaranteed that a burglar will think twice before attempting to invade your home.

      Operating a home security system is very simple. Most work with a simple touch or switch flip system. This is pretty similar to turning the lights on and off. What makes it more advanced is the motion detector of the security system that will be activated when a door or window is opened.

      A base unit is utilized to communicate with the other wireless modules linked to the wireless security cameras. The cameras get connected to the base using a radio frequency that is sent out. Each wireless home security camera comes with a battery. Output mechanism linked to the receiver will either function on batteries or electricity.After power is sent to the base unit and the cameras, sound and images are moved to the receiver from the camera. The receiver outputs everything from the camera to an attached monitor, DVD recorder, TV or VCR.

      When it comes to examining the cost of your home security, you should know that there are two avenues available to you. You have the option of going with a discount home security system and perhaps only having it installed on the windows and doors that you perceive to be high-risk invasion points in your home. You can decide to piece together your residential alarm system from different burglar alarm components and installing them yourself.

      It depends on your needs! We all have different needs, and different home security systems can help satisfy those needs. Also, no single home security system is best to secure your home. Most security experts suggest that you mix different systems to come up with one efficient and fool-proof system.

      Never place a camera in an area where someone visiting or working would have a reasonable assumption of privacy such as a bedroom and course bathroom. You can set a camera in the sitting room or the corridors of the house.

      Place a camera outdoors naturally; you need to consider near the power source. To produce a decent image, it needs adequate light to capture the subject. You need to place your camera where light is sufficient.

      The following are several questions you can ask while purchasing a home security system.Do you need security doors for my home? Should you buy a wood, iron, or steel front door? What else can you do to keep my house secure? Aren’t home security doors expensive?

      Home Security Tips

      People think that a cheap alarm system will keep their valuables safe from the dangerous hands of burglars. This is so far off that many people find this out when it is too late. There are few things that you can do to make them not want to hit your house.

      Lighting is a crucial tool in keeping your home safe and secure. The bad guys like to hide and not be seen, so they do not like lights giving away their position. In addition to high lighting, you have to keep your good stuff out of sight.

      Some people love to flaunt they valuables, so they leave the windows open so anyone can see in. Make sure that your curtains are shut so no one can see in. This will keep the crooks guessing if someone is home. Now all you have to do is add some sounds to make them think.

      Most burglars want to get your stuff and get out as quick as possible. If they hear some sounds coming from your house, then they will most likely leave. Most do not want any confrontations because that means that most likely the police will show up. They are very wary of dog sounds. So you could have a motion detection light hooked up to some dog barking sounds. They will most likely pass up the chance to get your stuff.

      In case you are planning to have a tour with your family, you need to try these Home security tips when on vacation.

      Or have someone pick them up daily. Nothing says to a thief this is an empty house like newspapers and mail piling up and that means they will not be caught.

      These are plugged into the wall and then lamps, televisions and radios can be connected into them and set to turn on and off at certain times. This will give the appearance that the family is at home.

      This is something that should be done each season. Check all the door and window locks and replace any that are not in good working order.

      Enough that no one can see in, when you are home, this way when no one is at home it will not seem out of place. It will also keep the thief from getting a look at televisions, stereos, laptops and anything else that they might want.

      Both of these things will take away hiding places for the person that is planning on breaking into the house.


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