15 Security Systems for Basement Windows

Basement windows are one of the simplest ways for thieves to gain access to your home. Finding the most effective security systems for basement windows doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 15 ways to ensure you are safe.

1. Security Cameras

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It may seem like an expensive investment, but homes with security cameras are over 200% less likely to be burgled. Security systems for basement windows and the entire house keep your family and valuables safe.

2. Good Locks


A display of high quality locks is another deterrent. Burglars don’t want to spend a lot of time in the open. A strong lock will take too long to break, and criminals know this. They will opt to go elsewhere if you have a reliable point of entry system.

3. Security Bars

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Installing steel security bars on basement windows is not expensive, and it only takes one look at them for a burglar to realize gaining entry through the bars will be nearly impossible. Most brands have bars that will provide you and your family a means of egress as well.

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    4. Shatterproof Glass

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    Glass blocks are thick, heavy, and difficult to break through. A thief making an attempt will produce a lot of noise and take too much time. Glass blocks are aesthetically pleasing and provide a nice option to window bars.

    5. Film

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    Security film is a smart way to make burglars think twice about breaking into your home. When a person tries to shatter the window, the polyester film keeps the glass together after impact. Again, someone who wants to gain access to your home will not waste more time than they have to trying to get through the window with a second or third try.

    6. Lights

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    This is common knowledge. Light is a burglar’s biggest enemy, so light areas that might provide access to your house. If you do not like lights shining through your windows at night, install motion-activated lights. You’ll probably scare off a few critters too.

    7. Give Burglars a Sign

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    Putting up small signs in the yard or affixing stickers to basement windows regarding the security measures you have taken will make criminals reconsider targeting your house. The chance that they may set off an alarm will chase them away.

    8. Clear the Area


    Gates and bushes that obscure entry to the backyard provide cover for someone breaking into your home. Cut back bushes and use fences that provide at least some view of basement windows and the backyard from the street. It makes spotting someone sneaking around much easier.

    9. Don’tbe a Showoff

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    Several families convert basements into guest rooms and entertainment areas, replete with plush chairs, high-end televisions, and other pricy electronics. The sight of expensive items will tempt thieves to try a bit harder to break through the basement window to gain access. Temptation is hard to resist.

    10. Sound the Alarm

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    One of the best security systems for your basement windows and your entire home is an alarm. Setting off a loud alarm will send burglars running. It is also an effective way to ward off second, or future, attempts to gain entry. A professionally installed wired system linked to a security firm is one option. There are also wireless window and door alarms that are magnetically triggered, easy to install, and very inexpensive. Also if you have basement apartment kitchen you can add fire & smoke alarm to your basement kitchen. Here a good article about alarm systems for your home. Don`t forget ask  basement renovation contractors about posibility to make kitchen in your basement for example this guys 100% make affordable & high quality basement finishing

    11. Make Some Noise

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    There are some very low-techthings you can do to secure your basement windows. Place objects on the path or area of the windows that burglars will not expect. Small chimes or a dog’s squeaky toy can make enough noise to turn thieves away.

    12. Blocking the Way

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    Detercriminals from breaking into your basement by making it difficult to get near the windows. A thief might have a painful experience trying to get past large cactus plants and heavy pots of flowers.

    13. Install Polycarbonate Sheets

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    Polycarbonate sheet is a plastic that is as clear as glass but far more resilient. It is lightweight, energy efficient, and approximately 250 times stronger than glass. Most home good stores sell the sheets, and the cost is minimal.

    14. Shutters and Curtains

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    Covers like curtains or shutters keep thieves from ascertaining whether breaking into your home is worth the effort. If they cannot see what is inside, they also do not know if you have security alarms, bolts, or other safety mechanisms.

    15. Window Wells

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    The latest window wells are far taller than their predecessors. They come in heights varying from 24 inches to 8 feet. Made to look and feel like stone, window wells bounce light, have easy egress, and make it difficult for intruders to break into basement windows.

    Choosing effective security systems for basement windows isn’t hard at all. Choose one or two of these and be sure your home is safe and secure.

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