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Total Property Security

Installing an access control system on a Toronto property is the only true way to guarantee total property security, privacy, and managed entry to a home or business premises.

Keys, deadbolts, and keypad locking mechanisms have served home and business owners well for decades. With new technological developments and more organized crime, however, almost all traditional home and business security mechanisms can be compromised with relative ease.

What Are Access Control Systems?

While a regular Yale lock and key can be considered representative of a basic access control system, modern access management, and control systems are very different.

Unlike a regular lock which will grant entry to a key holder, a modern access control system goes to extra lengths to verify the physical identity of individuals attempting to enter properties and restricted property areas. In order to do this, access cards, home intercom systems, and other devices are used to match the identity of people seeking entry to the property against a database of access-approved persons.

If a Toronto access control system can’t match a person’s identity to a database of people permitted into a certain area, it will refuse entry. Much more importantly, because residential and commercial access control systems are tamper-proof, individuals refused entry will find it much harder (if not impossible) to attempt forced entry into a restricted area.

Home Security Access Systems

Main Control System Components

The components of any residential or commercial access control system will always vary depending on the exact system installed. In every case, however, electronic locking hardware will form the basis of any system. This is because unlike with a physically accessible locking mechanism, lock hardware itself will be built internally into entry doors and only activated as authorized users come and go.

RFID & Biometric Access Cards Tags & Keypads

Because these systems are managed by central access servers rather than physical key systems, key components of any system will take the form of RFID access cards, tags, and/or numerical keypads, fingerprint scanners and iris recognition systems.

RFID tags and cards work like physical keys by sending wireless signals to doors asking to be permitted entry. Once a unique radio frequency, key code, or piece of personal biometric information is then recognized by an access system, electronic locking mechanisms will release, in order to permit access to an otherwise restricted area.

Access Control System Server

Access Control System Server Components

With any smart Toronto access control system, data from RFID key cards and other entry materials will be matched by a central computer server to lists of authorized personnel. As well, however, as just managing entry, the central server of an electronic entry system will also record entry activity. This way, system administrators can effectively monitor failed access attempts, as well as the activities of authorized system users.

Security Access Control System Types & Modes of Operation

Basic access control system installations will usually take the form of RFID card and keypad-accessed systems. Such systems use unique door lock codes and/or RFID radio frequencies which can be easily updated as entry privileges are issued and rescinded. This can open automatic door openers for example. Much more importantly, RFID and keypad-based systems are often the easiest for system administrators to manage and employees to use, whilst still providing a robust level of security.

Access Systems Models

Biometric Systems

Because RFID cards can be lost and keypad passcodes exchanged between authorized and non-authorized individuals, many banks and similar businesses in Toronto choose to heighten security by using biometric-based access control systems. These are systems which in most cases, will require users to use their thumbprint or a scan of their iris to enter a property or restricted area. There are, however, also instances where full facial recognition might be used as well as, or in place of other biometric data.

Toronto Access System Security

The Benefits for Toronto Businesses

Electronic control systems are often thought of as designed specifically for businesses such as banks. In recent years, however, everyone from budget hotel proprietors to regular retail store owners in Toronto, has started to realize the benefits of such systems.

With a smart access control system, Toronto businesses can reduce costs associated with replacing lost keys and locks. At the same time, access control systems often make employees more conscientious regarding their activities, while in places like hospitality contexts, businesses are also able to provide their clients with an added sense of personal security.

iGTA Home Access Control Solutions

Because RFID chips can be placed in everything from key fobs to jewelry items, smart access control systems can provide Toronto homeowners with unparalleled home security and privacy. Risks of home intrusions are eliminated. In like regard, homeowners don’t have to ever worry about themselves or other authorized individuals being locked out of a property.

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Smarter Security is Total Security

At iGTA, we provide smart access control systems to a wide variety of security-conscious Toronto home and business owners. Much more importantly, we always work with each of our clients, in order to truly understand their unique security concerns, prior to recommending and installing a new entry system. We also install other security measures in Toronto such as security camera systems. Not only do we serve the GTA for security, but also Oakville, Pickering, Markham, and Ajax.

We provide high-level property security, personal threat prevention, and diligent access monitoring services to all our customers. This being the case, call or contact us today in order to help us help you start benefiting from smarter home and business security.

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