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Automatic Door Opener Installation in Toronto

Does Being Disabled Disqualify Someone from being Your Customer?

Automatic door openers are often taken for granted by able-bodied people. As an automatic door opener senses our approach to a grocery store entrance, we don’t even stop to think about the added convenience which we are being provided with. Automatic doors, however, are about much more than just convenience to people in Toronto with impaired mobility.

What are Automatic Door Openers?

AutoSwing, side sliding automatic doors, and disability access panels on buildings, are the only way for Toronto businesses to offer guaranteed access to people with impaired mobility. Much more importantly, did you know that business owners in Toronto will soon be required by law to make their properties fully accessible to people with limited mobility?

In 2025, the already passed Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act will become enforceable all across Ontario. This is one that will see offices, business premises, and Toronto workplaces legally mandated to provide unimpeded access to everyone. The good news, however, is that handicap accessibility buttons and automatic door openers will almost always pay for themselves in both the short and long-term.

How to Choose the Right Automatic Front Door Opener

Toronto as a city is home to a wide variety of different architectural styles. What is more, one of the main reasons why businesses haven’t already invested in better accessibility lies the fact that doing so is often associated with full entranceway remodeling. The good news, however, is that automatic door openers can be scaled to the precise needs and unique design of almost any existing property entrance.

AutoSwing Automatic Door Openers in Toronto

Perfect for single and multi-door business entrances in Toronto, handicap, push-button operated AutoSwing doors, can be retrofitted to existing door structures without major entranceway remodeling or renovation. What is more, AutoSwing electric door opening systems are particularly perfect for multi-residence properties, hotels, cafes and restaurants, and any building where foot traffic is usually restricted to one or two people at a time.

Wired Wireless & Secure Electric Door Opening Systems

In Toronto workplaces and office buildings, it won’t always be the case that access should be available to members of the public at all times. It is still possible, however, to provide easier and more convenient accessibility, whilst still maintaining a high level of property security.

When providing automatic doors for business, we can install security card-operated push buttons and access panels. In like regard, we can hardwire access buttons into an electric door opening system or, alternatively, install wireless AutoSwing controls in order to help cut installation costs.

Automatic Door Installation for Business

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, won’t come into full effect for another eight years. By installing disability-friendly access to commercial properties now, however, business owners can start benefiting already from increased custom and appreciation by customers with impaired mobility.

When working directly with business owners in Toronto, we liaise with owners on-site in order to gain an in-person understanding of their specific access requirements. We then advise on and install automatic door opening systems which are quiet, 100% reliable, and never impede the flow of regular foot traffic around a business entrance. Additionally, installing security measures such as home security cameras can secure your living space as well.

Home & Residential Electric Door Opening Systems in Ontario

In any kind of residential context, home security is just as important as accessibility. Meanwhile, many Toronto homeowners often share a strong desire for any AutoSwing door to be as visually discrete as possible. Thankfully, the good news on all counts is that can provide safe, secure, and easy to operate automatic door systems, which will often be visually indistinguishable from regular building entranceways.

Start Benefiting from Increased Security & Accessibility Today

If you are a Toronto business owner, don’t wait for prices associated with automatic door opening systems to start edging upwards as 2025 approaches. Instead, take affirmative action today and call or contact IGTA now to see how we can help improve your property access. We also provide custom CCTV installs for Scarborough residents.

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