Best Security Alarm System for Cars


Car alarms have become a necessity when it comes to securing your car. There are a lot of things that can happen to your car if you don’t have a good alarm system. There have been occurrences where people’s stereos were forcefully removed from inside the car, after breaking the car window. Sometimes, the car GPS and camera are stolen, and there have also been situations where valuables are outrightly stolen from inside the car. These and other reasons are why it’s important to have a good security alarm system. Having a good car security alarm system gives you some level of peace of mind that your whatever valuable inside your car would be safe, likewise your car gadgets.

Car security systems have evolved greatly over the years car security systems can now detect anyone trying to open the door, or breaking the window. Some security systems such as CCTV installations for your house in Toronto can protect your belonging and family. High-quality security systems work with satellites that would give you options such as starting your car, even from the inside of your home. After installing an alarm system don`t forget warn people who make car detailing & repair for your car or your neighbor kids why attempt wash your car.  Below are some of the factors you should consider before getting a car alarm system. They’d help you pick and also get the best.

Tips On Getting The Best Car Alarm System

Features: This is one of the things you should consider before getting a car alarm system. There are some features you have to put in mind when getting an alarm system. These features include shock sensors, carjack protection, encrypted transmission and mobile applications. This might look a bit technical, but they would be explained below.

High-quality car alarm systems usually have this feature. This sensor detects any kind of impact or hit on your car, and alerts you through whatever alert signal you’ve set in the car. This could be in the form of alarm sirens. Also, alerts that are connected to your phone would also give you a notification of what’s happening to your car.

This is meant to complement car alarms. The car might give off signals such as lights, turning off the ignition. The purpose of this is to force the intruder to abandon the car.

The two-way remote lets you lock, unlock, arm and disarm your car. You will also receive a notification when someone tries to break into your car.

It’s now a possibility to control your car using a smartphone. Some security companies such as Viper have already embraced this technology and now makes it possible to control your car from your mobile phone. You don’t even need to go around with your spare key. You can do everything from your mobile phone.

Not all car intrusion is done physically. There are some people that can hack into the system of a vehicle, and unlock it. This necessitated the need for the creation of encrypted transmission, which can detect this kind of problem.

An immobilizer is a security feature that stops your car from starting unless you have a key that matches the device. A chip is usually installed in the car, which connects and communicate with the immobilizer, for the car to start. This feature makes it impossible for thieves to steal your car.

Below are some of the best car security alarm systems.

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    Cs6900 As Product

    This security system has a lot of features. Some of them include a vehicle security alarm with remote start, a 2-way LCD remote, keyless entry, dedicated trunk release, and a 3000feet range. Should there be any intrusion on your car, the alarm would send a signal to the LCD remote, to alert you. Also, if someone or a car hits your car, you’d also get the alert immediately, so you can act before the person, or car escapes. The only downside to this security system is that it’s made for diesel engines, but wouldn’t work with manual transmission vehicle.

    Crimestoppers SP-502:

    security system toronto

    This security system has everything you’d probably need in a car. It’s a complete security system. Some of the features of this system include a security car alarm with remote start, 2-way rechargeable remote, dedicated trunk release, and a 3000ft range. The alarm system has a shock sensor with a 120decibel siren, which would go off when your car is hit or broken. The remote is rechargeable, so you don’t need to bother about replacing the batteries. Some of the extra features in this security system include a turbo timer. This timer gives you the option of running your vehicle for some time, so the turbo can cool when you get to your destination.

    Viper VSS5X10:


    This security system is the latest and has the most advanced technology. The Viper security system is easy to use. It has a combination of alarm and car starter. It also has shock sensors. The shock sensors identify and detect any movement, keyless entry, trunk release and so on. This security system works well with smartphones. Basically, you can lock, unlock, and even start your car from any part of the United States. If you’re looking for an advanced security system that would be compatible with your mobile phone. Then the Viper VSS5X10 should be one of your options.

    Python PS5000:

    Ps5000 Large

    Just like other security systems. The Python has features such as vehicle security car alarm remote start, 2-way paging, dedicated trunk release, smartphone smart start features and so on. The Python security system is highly compatible with smartphones, and remote start system. It has all the features that you could ever find in a car security system, and more. The Python isn’t bound by distance, as you can control your vehicle from wherever you are in the United States. The best part of this is that it’s relatively cheap, as compared to others. You can get this security system on Amazon for around $200.

    AVITAL 5305L:


    This security system has everything you’d probably need in a car. From a car alarm with a remote start to a 2-way paging, dedicated trunk release, dual shock zone sensor, and LCD remote. The AVITAL has it all. You can control the car, from even a mile away. It also works perfectly with smartphones. The AVITAL starts at a price of $97 on Amazon.

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