Fire Safety & Prevention System Installation in Toronto

Fire Safety & Prevention System Installation in Toronto

iGTA Fire Protection Systems – Saving Toronto Lives & Property

Every year during Ontario Fire Prevention Week, Toronto Fire Services attempts to remind people that ‘Every Second Counts,’ when it comes to fire safety.

Fire often spreads much faster than people think. This being the case, Toronto home and property owners should always have a fire escape plan in place should an alarm sound. What is more, fire prevention and protection will always start with investment in reliable fire alarm systems themselves.

How Fire Protection & Protection Saves Lives

Fire Safety 1Installing smoke detectors and heat sensors throughout a building is the easiest way to detect a fire early and alert people to the fact that they need to evacuate. At the same time, the earlier that an alarm is sounded, the faster local fire services can be dispatched to tackle blazes and prevent excessive property damage.

Of course, not all fire protection and prevention systems are created equal. The good news, however, is that at iGTA, we can provide Toronto home and property owners with state-of-the-art fire safety and prevention systems.

Building Systems & Security

In the event of a fire, a safety and protection system needs to do more than just raise alarm. This is why at iGTA security, we specialize in the provision of automatic building sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and intercom and door locking systems, each of which can provide first respondents with uninterrupted access to buildings.

First, for business and commercial properties in Toronto, iGTA Security can also provide custom fire safety plans and exit notices. This way, should a fire ever take hold in a building which occupants are not familiar with, their safety and protection can be guaranteed thanks to clearly marked escape routes and essential building information.

Exit & Emergency Lighting Systems

Securitycameraservices 1 1After an alert has sounded, Ontario homeowners and people in business and commercial buildings, need to evacuate immediately. Literally, every second matters, and because of this, fire escape routes need to be clearly marked and identifiable, especially at night time.

Thankfully, at iGTA, we can provide emergency lighting that illuminates fire exits even during power outages. Much more importantly, with batteries lasting for weeks after activation, our illuminated exit signs, and lighting systems can help people navigate even in buildings where smoke has already started to accumulate.

Fire Alarm Systems in Toronto

A robust fire alarm system is required by law in every Ontario workplace and commercial premises. This is because the easiest way to protect building occupants in the event of a fire is to alert people early so that they can evacuate. On top of this, it is important to have smoke detection systems in place as well as carbon monoxide detectors for added safety.

Thankfully at iGTA security, we provide both domestic and commercial protection systems each of which can be customized and adapted to suit the exact size and nature of any property. On top of these, we provide security camera installation solutions to North York residents.

As leading building security and fire safety experts, we can install manually operated alarms, fully monitored alarms, and a wide variety of other advanced fire alarm systems. All you need to do is call or contact us at iGTA today, in order to start discussing your specific fire safety requirements. If you are interested in other services, consider a secure home CCTV installation at your Toronto residence.

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