Fire – Smoke Alarm System Installation in Toronto

Smoke Alarm System Installation in Toronto

Smoke & Fire Alarm Monitoring – Because Your Life Matters

In 2015, 93 people in Ontario were killed as a result of house and property fires. What is more, all such deaths could have been easily avoided, if only a smoke and/or fire detector had been able to raise the alarm in time.

Of course, most people in Ontario are aware of how vital a fire and smoke alarm system is for early fire detection. In many cases, however, home and property owners often forget to attend to essential smoke and fire alarm maintenance tasks. Depleted batteries and malfunctioning detector units, subsequently lead to several fully avoidable fire-related fatalities each and every year.

The good news? – At IGTA Security, we’re determined to help tackle this problem.

How Fire & Smoke Alarm Systems Save Lives

A home smoke detector works by automatically triggering when particles circulating in the air of a property reach a density equivocal to that of smoke caused by a potential fire. Shrill alarm sounds and occasionally lighting effects (for the hearing impaired) will then attempt to raise the alarm and spur people to vacate properties.

Dumb Vs Smart Fire Detection

Aside, however, from just smoke detector based fire alarm systems, temperature detection systems also exist which are designed to trigger after temperature sensors pick up abnormal temperature variations.

Needless to say, the top prerogative of any fire and smoke alarm detection system, will always be to save lives by alerting home and property inhabitants to fires as early as possible. This way, family members, business employees, and members of the public, can make their way to safety, before calling on local fire department support.

Of course, the one thing which a dumb/alarm only fire alarm system can’t do is tackle a blaze, or protect a property itself from fire damage. The good news, however, is that a smarter, fully networked, and 24-hour monitored fire alarm can do this.

IGTA Monitored Fire Alarm Components

At IGTA Security, we’re just as committed to helping save properties as we are lives. We offer more solutions like fire prevention systems, and carbon monoxide safety measaure installations.

In order to do this, we equip Toronto home and business properties with fully wired and networked smoke detectors, heat sensors, and property alarm battery back up devices. If a threat is detected by one of our sensors, this will then raise the alarm in a property, whilst simultaneously notifying our 24-hour monitoring station.

Manned 24-hours a day, 365-days a year, our monitoring station personnel react in real-time to triggered home and business fire alarms in the Toronto area. This is why after confirming that a fire is in progress (or suspected to be in progress), a member of our monitoring station will immediately notify the nearest local fire department.

Key Features

Because an IGTA fire detection system is powered via your property electricity supply, you don’t ever need to worry about individual failed sensor batteries. Meanwhile, in the event of a power outage, our included battery pack will ensure that properties stay protected no matter how long it takes to restore main power to your property.

The Only Fire and Home Smoke Detector System Engineered for Reliability

Because of how quickly fires can take hold, it is imperative to never take home or business property fire safety for granted. This being the case, don’t wait until you have a direct reason to upgrade your current smoke and fire detector system, Instead, trust in better safety and reliability today by calling or contacting IGTA now for a free, no-obligation quotation.

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