Is a Home Alarm System Worth It? Let’s Find Out

Peace of mind is priceless. That’s why home security is an important investment. However, you’ve probably heard from many folks that installing a home security system can be expensive, not just to install but also to keep. You wonder, is a home alarm system worth getting?

You need to think carefully about the factors and weigh the pros and cons before buying a security system. While it can be easy to tally the up-front costs linked to a security system and alarm monitoring, putting a price tag on your peace of mind is hard, especially if you live with people you love. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The cost to replace precious items that can be stolen if a break-in occurs can be money, jewelry, important documents, etc. 
  • The cost to repair damages when a break-in happens
  • Cost of medical bills, or worse, emotional and financial damages of injury and death. 

What do Security Systems Actually Do?

Security systems do more than deter thieves. When you install the correct system, you can monitor your home wherever you are. It informs you when your doors are open, close, or if there are any attempts to access your personal belongings such as your safes, cabinets, etc. 

The initial investment needed to add a security system in your home can typically range from $350 up to $1,000, depending on the equipment and installation standards you choose. But here’s the good news, most are just one-time costs. Depending on your needs, you can install the simplest camera ones with all-day monitoring and motion sensors. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Home Alarm System

  • Ensure your security service equipment comes with a warranty so that if anything might happen to its components, you don’t have to worry about replacements. 
  • Because installing a home security system lowers your risks of break-ins and reduces the costs your insurance might have to pay, they could reward you with lower premiums. 
  • Be ready for false-alarms, like children getting caught in the sensors, forgetting to set it off, and such. These can cause some annoyances to both you and the police, who’ll respond to the said alarms. 

Is a Home Security System Worth Getting?

To find out if a home alarm system is worth it for you and your family, ask yourself, what would make it valuable to you?

Guess what. Installing security and alarm systems can prevent break-ins from taking place in the first place. A recent study from the AIREF (Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation) discovered that 60% of convicted thieves say they will just target another household if they found an alarm system installed in the one they are trying to rob. 

Also, with the recent trend going nowadays, most home security systems are getting advanced. Most feature an assortment of surveillance systems, high-tech sensors, and audible alarms. Some security systems can even be installed on your mobile phone, so you can get alerts and see a live video of what’s going on on your property. 


  • Installing alarm systems can cause potential burglars to think twice before breaking into your home.
  • Home security systems are linked to lower crime rates.
  • Some home alarm systems can also detect smoke, protecting your property against fire. 


  • They’re not 100% fool-proof. Security systems are prone to false alerts. 

Should You Install a Home Alarm System?

Evaluate your property and observe what you can do to protect it. Whether through improved landscaping, an alarm system, or better habits. No one likes to experience a burglary. Keep your valuables in a hidden location that only you know, tell your neighbours to report anything or anyone suspicious.

With millions of homes broken in, you don’t want to be complacent. The costs of installation and maintenance may make you doubt if you need one. Installing home security alarms are already proven to prevent any risks and additional fees if a burglar does intrude your homes. Peace of mind is worth the expense. 

We believe that the best way to determine if an alarm system is worth getting is through expert advice and time to research. Protecting your household isn’t as simple as it seems, so it’s better to trust the experts when it comes to safety. If you need any assistance in installing home alarm systems or just want to improve your home’s security, give us a call, and we’d love to help!

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