Smart Home Automation Installation in Toronto

Smart home automation

Smart Home Automation – Enhanced Livability & Security Solutions

Home automation in Toronto isn’t about being able to dim the lights in your lounge or den via just a smartphone gesture. A truly smart home automation system is about living more securely, energy efficiently, and conveniently, all thanks to fully networked home security and entertainment system.

Based on simplicity and ease of use, an iGTA home automation system can equip your home with superior fire safety and intruder prevention. At the same time, however, the right home automation system can help Toronto homeowners lower home energy costs, whilst simultaneously integrating with a wide variety of home entertainment devices.

Reduce Energy Costs Via Smart Monitoring & Remote Control

Do you hate realizing that you have left the garage door open? Alternatively, when you are heading home on a freezing evening, do you sometimes wish that you could magically turn on your home heating an hour in advance of arrival? If so, a smart home automation system could be of benefit. This is because, with smart home automation, Toronto homeowners can control every livability aspect of their home from anywhere, anytime they want to.

Of course, many home heating systems and climate controls can already be set using a timer. Only a truly smart home, however, can allow you to control specific climate controls remotely. What is more, only a dedicated smart house network can learn to anticipate the needs of homeowners and activate or deactivate different climate controls accordingly.

Smart Home Lighting & Shading in Toronto

Home ambiance isn’t just about dimming lights to suit your mood at any one moment. As well as this, being able to turn off lights remotely is an easy and effective way to save on overall home energy costs. In like regard, being able to remotely activate lights when you are away on vacation is an easy way to deter criminals from attempting to gain access to a property. Thankfully, an iGTA smart home automation system can do all of this and much more with the latest technology. We also use the latest technology when installing security cameras in Markham .

Smarter Home Entertainment Solutions

Whether you want to stream media from a home media server to a specific location, access media when on the go on a mobile device, or simply remotely control volume levels in different home areas, a smart home network can help. This is because an automated home network can give you on-demand access to media you own, where and when you need to have access. What is more, being able to remotely control lights, home climate controls, and different home media devices, is the one and only way to benefit from a truly immersive home theater experience.

Superior Home Security & Fire Protection

At iGTA Security, we provide custom smart home automation systems to Toronto & GTA homeowners which add unparalleled livability and convenience. We take care of setup as well as installation and we are always on call should you need support further down the line.

Of course, a smart home isn’t just about energy use monitoring and full home entertainment system integration. Instead, devices like wired and wireless CCTV and fire detectors can also add an unparalleled level of heightened home security and fire protection.

Full Integration with Smartphone & Other Home Systems

Fully integrable with smartphones, and other personal computational devices, a smart home automation system will often start to feel like an integral part of your household. This is because our smart home technology allows you to enjoy your home more carefreely while taking full control of your monthly utility costs, home security, and household entertainment. All you need to do is reach out to us today to find out more about our products. Choose an automation expert to handle your automation projects from installations to completion. Don’t forget about our home CCTV Mississauga solutions by iGTA.

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