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Where do you begin when you need to install a new CCTV system? From homes to enterprise, and any kind of property in between, our team is ready to make sure you have access to the best solution for everything. Contact us now to discover out so much more and see how CCTV will work for you.

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Our team is here to help you educate and recommend the most possible ways of using CCTV to minimize the crime that impacts your company or home. Please email us today to schedule a free quote. We are the biggest CCTV installation company in Pickering and ensure that households and companies of all kinds are provided with the most comprehensive safety-related solutions. We also offer our services throughout Pickering, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Ajax, and the rest of Canada. If you are looking for home security cameras or business security cameras – iGTA Security camera company got you covered.



    Pickering Security Services – Call the Experts

    In reality, most properties could be safer if security surveillance alarm systems were installed. We are both mindful of the burglary rates in our local communities. Although Pickering is no more vulnerable to anti-social behaviour, theft and break-ins than other places, CCTV can serve as the main deterrent.

    Of course, it depends on the quality of the CCTV kit you chose and the correct installation. So, if you purchased a cheap package or just wanted to install CCTV, we’re the people to call. Our technicians will prescribe a particular package depending on what you’re asking them. They will define the perfect kit that will address all the most critical places that CCTV wants to focus on. We will support you from one camera to many.

    iGTA Security provides a wide variety of surveillance camera systems including:

    • Surveillance C-Mount Cameras
    • Indoor Security Cameras
    • Infrared Surveillance Cameras
    • Night Cameras
    • Vandal Proof Security Cameras

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    3 Key Reasons To Get CCTV

    There is a myriad of reasons why you should install CCTV for your property in Pickering. Here are 3 key reasons why:

    1. Getting systems with security cameras installed around the property is well known to deter the vast majority of crime that can occur. Statistics suggest that offenders will almost often target properties that do not have a CCTV in an attempt to prevent being caught.
    2. CCTV paired with invasion alarms gives you the peace of mind that your house, whether commercial or domestic, is secured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is especially important if your home is where your family lives.
    3. CCTV’s operating costs are minimal. When the TV system is mounted, the only possible expense you will have in the future is a low monthly amount of coverage.
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    Why Avail our CCTV Installation Service in Pickering?

    There has never been a great time to protect your property with CCTV. Pickering, like the rest of Canada, is the target of many forms of violence, such as theft, and the CCTV services can provide you with the 24-hour monitoring and security you need. With CCTV enabled, you can feel safe on your property ensuring that any visitor can be seen on the CCTV before you let them in while any possible intruders are caught on the video.

    We do not just sell CCTV systems, we provide you with a total solution to your security needs. Our service provides a detailed home protection survey that allows us to come up with an ideal system that completely meets your expectations, specifications and budget.

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