The benefits of having a home security system

Your family’s safety is priceless. There are no limits on how far you can go to ensure that your home is a haven for your family. When it comes to protecting your family, several methods might close your mind. Some people might choose to employ a security guard and regularly have a watchdog patrol the home compound. However, human and animal protection is limited because the watchman or the watchdog can’t cover every inch of your home simultaneously. At some point, they may also get exhausted and leave some loopholes that burglars won’t cease to exploit and harm your family or steal something. Also, human and animal protection is expensive compared to other automated home security systems.

Modern home security technology is advancing quickly and is stopping at nothing to eliminate all the challenges associated with analog security systems. The new home security solutions ensure that you, your family, and your valuables are safe at all times. With a 24/7 monitored home security system, you can rest assured that someone is watching over your family and property when you’re away or asleep. With the worry of your family’s safety out of the way, you can be able to concentrate on other essential aspects of life.

If you’re wondering whether having a home security system is worth it, here are 10 reasons to convince you:

10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Security System

1. Protect Your Family

Your family is the most important thing in your life, and you’d stop at nothing to make sure it’s safe. An active security system gives your family an additional defense against harm from within or without. It also gives you the confidence of safety and comfort knowing that your family is under a watchful eye of a monitored security system. Alarm systems help you evade home invasions. The noise of an alarm system frightens invaders. Also, an alert is sent to the iGTA Security Systems or the company monitoring your home security systems, who alert the proper authorities immediately to come to check it out. 


2. Protect Your Valuables

This is an apparent reason why most people would consider installing a home security system. Home invasions result in the loss of valuable properties, and most of them come as a surprise to homeowners since no warning was given. To prevent this, you need a 24/7 active alarm system that can detect trespassers and possible home invaders and warn you immediately so that you can take countermeasures. The alarm system alone is enough to deter a would-be home invader. If they go as far as trying to break into your home, the sound alarm will be activated automatically. Once the alarm has sounded, local authorities will be notified on the spot and dispatched to your home immediately to check out the threat. This way, the home security system ensures that all your valuables are safe.

3. Helps Achieve Home Automation

Most home security solutions are geared towards giving you complete control of your home security and other vital systems. You’ll be provided with a mobile device, or your mobile phone will be optimized to help you control your home security systems and operate other aspects of your smart home remotely. You can turn off false alarms, turn on TVs, control house temperatures, switch lighting on/off, and even close your doors in just a few taps on your smartphone. You’ll enjoy the privileges of having a reliable security system that you can monitor remotely and the home automation convenience you desire. Advanced home security systems give you the best of both worlds.


4. Gives You 24/7 Remote Access to Your Home

iGTA Security CameraWith modern home security systems, you don’t have to be at home to protect your family or valuables. With the help of remotely controlled surveillance, you can keep an eye on your entire house and home compound wherever you are. You get the ability to act on any threats you see by alerting local authorities or by turning on the alarm system to indicate your home needs immediate attention from emergency personnel. Usually, an app that gives you access to the live feed from the wireless security cameras will be installed on your phone. This gives you 24/7 access to every inch of your home and compound. If you have a smart home, you can control smart thermostats, smart appliances, smart keyless door locks, smart lighting systems, smart media systems, and other smart devices in every room of your house.


5. Reduce Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cost By Up to 20%

Homeowners insurance covers the repair or replacement of your home and its content upon damage. Risks covered in the policy include fire, theft, vandalism, damage caused by bad weather and smoke. Since a home security system can help curb some of these risks, like fire outages or theft, your home insurance fee may be cut by up to 20%. The benefits don’t end there; a home security system gives you immediate access to local authorities and emergency responders. Any risk of damage or loss can be prevented on the spot. If you’re for a safe & smart way to cut down your expenses, getting a home security system is a pretty good way to start.

6. Increase Emergency Personnel’s Efficiency and Convenience

A smart home security system installed by professionals like iGTA Security Systems will efficiently detect threats and never hesitate to alert emergency personnel on the spot. This will shorten the arrival time of emergency services providers like firefighters, medical emergency personnel, or police anytime you need them. Once your home alarm is activated because of a fire, health, or home invasion threat, your security monitoring company will notify the responsible emergency response team to sort it out on time. This will help save lives and property. Many alarm systems are now equipped with a panic button to help you request emergency assistance even when the alarm is turned off. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing you’ll have instant access to police, an ambulance, or firefighters in times of trouble.


7. Deter Crime for A Safer Neighbourhood

iGTA Security CameraA Home Alarm system scares away burglars. If more homes in your neighborhood have installed security systems, thieves and home invaders will most likely avoid the area. An alarm system reduces their chances of executing home robberies without the authorities being notified on time. Installing a home security system not only keeps your home safe it also deters crime for a safer neighborhood for everyone.

If you want a safe community, it starts with you.

8. Allow You to Keep Tabs on Your Children

This adds to the home automation benefits. As a parent, it’s always important to keep an eye on your kids at all times. It’s always easy for the little ones to get in trouble, especially when you’re not around. If you’re wondering how to monitor your kids when you’re at work or on vacation, a home security system is what you need. Since you’ll have access to every room in the house with the help of wireless surveillance cameras, you can see what your kids are doing and take action if the need arises. The system notifies you when people leave and enter your home – you’ll see who your kids invite over when you are away.

If your house is installed with electronic doors, you can remotely unlock them for your kids after school. You don’t have to worry about losing the keys or someone taking your kids’ keys and entering your house to steal valuables.


9. Efficient Utility Management

With active surveillance on your house 24/7 and wireless home security systems that support home automation, you can manage your utility usage. For instance, you’ll receive an alert when the gas is leaking and shut it off from the supply, see rooms with lights on and switch them off. If you forgot to unplug your electric iron or change your thermostat before leaving the house, you could do so remotely using your smart mobile device. This improves convenience in the way you manage your home resources.


10. Detect and Curb Indoor and Outdoor Dangers

A home security system covers you from dangers within and without. For instance, you can choose to get notified in case the system detects gas or fire problems. This will be the work of carbon monoxide detectors. Also, in case unseen burglars try to break into your home, the alarm system will automatically turn on and produce loud alarming noise that scares off the would-be thieves. Whether you’re asleep or not keeping an eye on your security systems, the danger will be deterred to keep you and your family safe at any cost.


Parting shot!

A home security system is an added layer of protection for your family and valuables. Getting a reliable company to offer you home security solutions is always a smart investment. It gives you peace of mind and the confidence of being safe at all times. iGTA Security Systems offers security solutions that keep you and your family safe 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re the best among security companies in Toronto and the GTA. Call us today at (647) 793-6171 for reliable residential security solutions!

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