Business & Home Intercom System Installation in Toronto

Home Intercom System Installation in Toronto

Residential & Commercial Door Intercom Systems

Everyone in Toronto knows not to open their door to strangers. Home intrusions, after all, can and do happen. The good news, however, is that it is possible to add an extra level to home and business security, simply by adding audio and/or video intercom to the main front door and/or business entrance.

The security benefits of adding a wireless intercom system to a home or business in Toronto are simple. Property occupants benefit from better peace of mind and personal safety, while intercom systems themselves help deter criminals.

Given the security benefits of safer door answering systems, IGTA Security in Toronto is proud to provide some of the most state-of-the-art intercom systems currently on the market as well as CCTV home installation in the Toronto area. We assess Toronto residents’ security requirements. Then after deciding on a system, we take care of all system setup and installation requirements.

How an Intercom System can Enhance Home & Business Security

A home and business intercom system is an easy and effective way for property owners and occupants to always know who they might be about to grant access to a property. This makes these systems perfect for:

  • Elderly people who live alone
  • Families with young children
  • Lone workers in a variety of business contexts
  • Vulnerable people who live independently
  • People who have been victims of crime previously
  • People who live in any kind of multi-residential housing

Equipped with a video camera and speaker systems, a modern front door intercom allows property occupants to see who is calling prior to granting access to a property. In fact, modern technology and high-quality video, make it possible for property occupants to check visitor ID prior to opening a door. Even better, many modern entrance systems also allow users to record images and videos. This way, if an act of crime does take place, such images can later be used to help identify and prosecute malicious callers.

Choosing the Right Residential Intercom System

At IGTA Security, we provide modern systems which don’t necessarily have to be used exclusively via the built-in door and entrance panels. Instead, we can provide a wireless system that can link directly to a homeowner’s smartphone or tablet computer. This means that as well as clearer sound and video, system users can check who is at the door from any location.

Perfect for people with impeded mobility, a wireless system can either transmit video and audio to a smartphone, or a dedicated intercom monitor. This means that even non-high tech users will find such a system easy to use in most residential contexts.

Commercial Intercom Systems

In almost every case, businesses in Ontario stand to benefit much more directly from installing an intercom system and/or smart access control device to the main entranceway. They also benefit from access control systems.

Business properties in places like Toronto are much more likely to fall victim to crime and acts of vandalism than residential properties in Ontario. This being the case, main door areas which utilize com systems, are a must for businesses where large amounts of valuables are stored on-site and/or where people often work alone. By combining this with a complete access control system, you can increase your security measures. IGTA also offers other services such as security cameras for Richmond Hill residents.

What are the Differences Between a Residential and Commercial Intercom System?

Like a residential intercom, many of the systems provided by IGTA can broadcast video and audio wirelessly to remote computers, phones, and dedicated access panels and terminals. This is a great pairing with home security cameras in places like North York. Also, just like a home door using a smart system, images and audio can be recorded at the push of a button. A commercial system will differ, however, in terms of the robustness of outside door-mounted call panels.

In public and business settings, visitor-facing intercom panels need to be both tamper and vandal-proof. At the same time, in places like shared office spaces and multi-residence housing developments, an intercom system will often need to serve several users simultaneously. Thankfully, we can provide intercom and secure door control systems (as well as the automatic garage door opening systems), which are just as robust as they are scalable to the size of any modern business and/or multi-residential property.

Start Benefiting from Smarter Entry & Enhanced Security Today

At IGTA Security, we can install, setup, and tutor you on how to use the most state-of-the-art home and office intercom systems currently on the market. meanwhile, because we are a leading full-service security company in Toronto, we can pair intercom designs with secure access controls and wireless video and audio technology. This being the case, don’t wait to improve on your home or business security. Instead, call or contact IGTA Security today to find out how we can help secure access to your property.

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