Intrusion Detection System Installation in Toronto

Intrusion Detection System Installation in Toronto

Toronto Home Intrusion Detection & Protection Services

The idea of your Toronto home or business being broken into while you are away or on vacation is unsettling, to say the least. What is much more unsettling, however, is the idea of an intrusion into your private property taking place while you yourself are present. This is where intrusion detection installation in Toronto and the local area comes up for most people.

At IGTA, we know how seriously local Toronto home and businesses take the safety of their family, employees, and business customers. This is why we provide smart intruder detection systems to home and business owners which can alert people immediately to potential security threats.

IGTA Intruder Detection Systems & You

At IGTA in Toronto, we provide real-time monitored intruder alarm systems which alert property owners and residents the second a sensor is tripped by a potential intruder. Our security alarm systems are designed to enhance the personal safety and protection of potential victims of crime. What is more, the intrusion alarm systems that we provide are fully scalable to the needs of both residential and commercial properties all across the greater Toronto area.

What Are Intruder Detection Systems?

Whether your employees or members of your family are present in a property or not, no one has the right to be on your property without your consent. Because of this, IGTA can provide a variety of perimeter intrusion detection systems that will alert you and our security monitoring staff to potential disturbances as these happen.

Using motion detectors, wired and wireless cameras, and even broken glass and forced entry sensors, we identify security threats as they register on alarm systems. Of course, every intruder detection system which we install in Toronto is scaled to match and include only the detection elements our clients need. In every case, however, the minute our alarm system detects a possible intrusion, we will seek to confirm whether or not your property security really has been compromised.

Validation of Security Threats

Validation of security threats is important as attending to false alarms can drain much-needed resources from local law enforcement agencies. When an intruder alarm is triggered, we will subsequently reach out to you directly, or start remotely monitoring your property. On verification of a valid threat, we will then notify Toronto police and emergency services accordingly. Other additionals like entry control systems and CCTV systems for your home can complete your security setup.

Typical Intrusion Detection System Components

At IGTA, our home and workplace IDS system solutions can be scaled to suit the needs of everyone from local homeowners to businesses such as outdoor work yards and warehouses. Naturally, specific components of an IDS system will vary, however, typical elements will include motion sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, broken glass detectors, intercom access systems, and an intuitive control panel.

Panic Buttons Easy Arming & Added Home Safety Features

Depending on the level of home or business security you are looking for, each of our intrusion detection system installations can be equipped with features such as timed automatic arming and panic buttons. Even better, a smart IGTA intruder alarm system can also feature fire and flood sensors, in order to better protect your property from every eventuality.

Security Customized To You

At IGTA our monitored intruder detection systems are designed to equip you with complete security peace of mind. What is more, in many cases, investing in more robust home and business security will help property owners to lower their annual insurance premiums. This being the case, don’t wait. Better protect your property by reaching out to IGTA now for a no-obligation free intruder prevention system quotation. We also service household security cameras for Richmond Hill residents and locally around.

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