Is CCTV The Same As Security Cameras?

CCTV and security cameras are often used interchangeably, but they’re two different types of surveillance systems. Security cameras watch a specific location, while CCTV is a more advanced setup that allows for remote viewing of multiple locations via a single monitor or recording device.

Many factors distinguish CCTV from Security Cameras. Aspects such as what you plan to use them for, how much money you’re looking to spend on these systems, and the size and shape of the areas you wish to monitor will all play a role in answering this question. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, while security cameras are often called surveillance cameras.

While there is quite a bit of overlap between surveillance cameras and CCTV systems, some major distinctions separate these two types of Toronto home alarm systems.

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Camera & Video Camera Technologies


CCTV systems are best for situations where you need multiple cameras

Although many people use the terms “CCTV” and “surveillance camera” interchangeably to refer to any home video monitoring system, there are actually some very important distinctions between the two. CCTV refers to a security camera system that uses radio signals or wires (or both) to transmit video data in real-time back to a central monitor station.

CCTV systems are best for situations where you need multiple cameras set up at different locations but don’t want to run cables between them. This will allow you the freedom to locate cameras anywhere you have a signal. On the other hand, security cameras are most often used as stand-alone units that transmit their video data to a central unit or recording device using wired or wireless signals.

CCTV systems that use wires (or cables) will either run through underground conduits, along poles and beams, or across the ceiling. While this allows for some truly professional-grade surveillance, it can be very expensive to set up.

It’s important that you understand the most appropriate technologies for your needs before taking the first step towards home video monitoring. For example, choosing CCTV technology might save you some time and money initially, but if you later find out that security cameras would have been a better choice for your situation, you’ll be stuck with a dual system.

Surveillance cameras are often referred to as “wireless” cameras because they can transmit video footage via wireless signal – but this doesn’t mean that they run entirely on batteries. If you plan to use security cameras, these devices must have enough battery power to last throughout your monitoring periods.

As with CCTV systems, the initial cost of setting up a security camera system can vary dramatically depending on how many cameras you plan to set up and where you wish to install them. On the other hand, surveillance cameras are often easier to install than CCTV systems because wireless technology makes it possible to set up the system yourself without hiring a professional electrician or security specialist.

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CCTV and Security Camera Cost


Another way CCTV and security cameras differ is in their initial cost.

Another way CCTV and security cameras differ is in their initial cost. If you live in an average two-story home, you can expect to spend between $100 and $300 for each camera that you install. However, keep in mind that these prices may vary depending on the quality and size of your cameras. In addition, CCTV systems are generally more expensive than security camera systems because it will take a little more time to set them up.

With security cameras, you’ll also need to spend some money on additional equipment such as DVR cards or separate recording devices for each camera. These items will cost you another $100 to $200, depending on how many devices you’re installing. With CCTV systems, the video data is transmitted to a central monitor station for recording.

Security cameras are often viewed as more affordable because they don’t require additional equipment or cables (unless you opt for wireless technology). Although it’s true that you can get started with security cameras for a lot less money than CCTV systems, costs will add up rather quickly if you decide that you want to install more than just a few devices.

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CCTV and Security Camera Applications

The main advantage of using security camera technology is that it’s easier to install and far more affordable than its counterpart. Some people believe that security cameras are all you need to deter would-be criminals from entering your home. The truth is that CCTV systems offer a variety of features designed to make them more effective than their cheaper counterparts.

CCTV systems allow you greater control over the angle and field of vision for each device, making it easier to monitor areas where potential intruders are most likely to appear. You can also use DVR cards and other recording devices to save the video footage from your cameras for future reference if anything happens while you’re not at home.

Surveillance cameras do have their advantages, however. The biggest advantage is that they transmit wireless signals, making it easier for you to install them yourself. So if you want to set up a home surveillance system without having to hire an expensive professional, wireless cameras are the best way to go.

CCTV technology is often described as more reliable because it gives you greater control over your video feed – but this doesn’t mean that security cameras aren’t dependable. Security camera systems can still be quite effective for monitoring specific areas of your home, particularly if these are the places where you believe intruders are most likely to make an appearance.

Both CCTV and security cameras have unique applications, which means that it’s important to carefully evaluate the advantages of investing in one or the other. However, regardless of whether you decide to install security cameras or a CCTV system, any surveillance equipment you invest in can serve as an effective deterrent against would-be burglars.

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