Managed IT Services & Support in Toronto

Managed IT Services in Toronto

Toronto Managed IT Support Services

Data and network security have fast become one of the most pressing concerns for businesses in Toronto. Looking for a reliable IT services company is a crucial step for any organizations looking to protect their data.

Costs associated with system downtime, security monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of IT systems, can run into tens of thousands of dollars per annum. This is why at IGTA, we offer remote network and security monitoring to a wide variety of local businesses. We understand your business goals and will work with your team to provide the best solutions to fix issues.

Computer & Network Support

Benefit from on-demand data restoration, network security monitoring & 24/7 computer infrastructure troubleshooting at any time. Our company will help you solve and issues in your business.

Full IT Support Solutions

We offer remote security monitoring and IT infrastructure support scalable to the needs of any Canadian and/or Toronto-based business.

Workstation Support Provider

Thanks to how we manage and monitor business networks, we can provide instant individual workstation support to individual employees.

Server Support & Backups

We provide security monitoring of servers that your business depends on and always keep any downtime to an absolute minimum.

Network Support For Clients

Your network can be compromised by social threats as well as hacks. We prevent such attacks and are available 24/7 to solve any issues.

System Maintenance On Time When You Need It

We undertake regular system maintenance to help improve speed, data security and reduce operational costs.

Customer Support For All Businesses

As well as IT support, we can provide reliable, 24/7 customer support to your clients at significantly reduced operational costs. Our technicians can provide solutions for your entire network including cloud solutions.

IT Support for the Next Generation of Toronto Business

At IGTA we offer full-service business network and IT support.

Just like your very own in-house IT department, we continuously work to identify threats, suspicious activity, and ensure the on-going usability of IT and network assets. Much more importantly, we manage data in such a way that as well as regular backups, we work with each of our clients to create worst-case scenario disaster recovery plans. Should the worst ever happen, we can subsequently ensure that your data will be fully protected and any system downtime kept to an absolute minimum.

As well as data recovery and reduced system downtime, working with IGTA also means that when you outsource your business IT support to us, you benefit from remote security monitoring which identifies threats in real-time. We don’t wait for you to call us. We identify security threats and combat these prior to such threats causing any operational disruption to your business.

Remote Firewall Managed Services

At IGTA we can provide state-of-the-art firewall hardware and software monitoring. In like regard, we also provide virtual private network support (VPN), access control monitoring, cloud services, and routing and switching of traffic. Much more importantly, the firewall monitoring solutions that we provide to Toronto businesses are fully scalable and adaptable to the needs of any organization.

Remote Virus & Intrusion Detection Technology

Protecting your critical Canadian business data is vital. Our IT services in Toronto are subsequently designed to protect the privacy of your electronic communications no matter what. We subsequently help ensure the security of your financial transaction network infrastructure, the digital identity of you, and your employees, and most importantly, any and all data connected to your customers and business associates.

Start Improving Your Toronto IT Security Today

Thanks to our use of high-end encryption, our 24/7 network surveillance capabilities, and are always available IT support experts, IGTA is ideally positioned to help support your critical IT infrastructure. As a security services provider, we look out for our customers. This being the case, call or contact us today and let’s start talking about how to better protect your network. We also provide Oakville security camera installation services for local residents.

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