Locksmith Services in Toronto

Emergency Locksmith Services in Toronto

IGTA Professional Locksmith Service in Toronto

Contrary to popular belief, a professional locksmith isn’t someone who picks locks for a living. Instead, a contemporary locksmith in Toronto can be called upon to assist with everything from the re-securing of a property after a break-in to the installing of a brand new home and property security systems.

In Toronto, not all professional locksmiths are created equal. At IGTA Security, however, we strive to offer the widest variety of professional services available in the local area of Toronto. Because of this, we can assist with everything from automotive transponder key replacement to electronic door lock repair and a wide variety of other business and residential services.

Emergency Services

Car and home lockouts will happen to almost everyone at some point. At certain times, however, it can be imperative that a person has access restored to their property or vehicle as expeditiously as possible. This is why at IGTA Security, we provide the best 24-hour Toronto service for locksmith emergencies so you can have peace of mind.

Fully licensed and insured, we are one of the only emergency locksmith service providers in Toronto who can create new keys, attend to vehicle and office lockouts, and help people change locks after a break-in 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Our technicians offer quick replacements and affordable key services for our customers.

Commercial Services

When the security of your business is compromised (or you have reason to suspect it could about to be compromised) it is imperative to act fast to close any breaches and patch any potential loopholes. Thankfully, as a leading commercial locksmith, we can help businesses replace and re-key locks, install and service electronic locking mechanisms, and attend to more commonplace office lockouts and keypad entry system problems.

Providing full-service services, we can help local business owners add a new keypad and electronic locks to properties. At the same time, we can advise on and install a wide variety of state-of-the-art CCTV and commercial security systems, as well as conduct thorough security walkthroughs to identify security weak spots.

Residential Services in Toronto

If you have lost your keys, just suffered a break-in, or need to replace your locks at the last moment for a variety of other reasons, IGTA security can help with quality services.

Offering professional residential locksmith services 24/7 in Toronto, we can replace locks, repair locks, and re-key existing locks which you might not want to discard just because you have misplaced your existing keys. As well, however, as front and back door specific services, we can also help with garage door lock repair, home safe hacking, and new home CCTV and security system installation.

Locksmith Services in Toronto

Your Locksmith & Property Security Specialists

At IGTA, we know how stressful losing keys or locking yourself out of your home, car, or business can be. This is why as well as offering 24-hour always on-call services, we also strive to be the most friendly and affordable local locksmith. We also provide other security measures such as access control systems in Toronto, intrusion detection set up systems, and intercom installations.

Whether you have broken a key blade in a lock or need to re-secure an area of your Toronto business, we can help. Even better, we are electronic door lock installation and repair experts. This means that no matter how robust your home or business security might be, we can help you regain access to any property, prior to re-securing access accordingly.

24-Hour Fast Response in Toronto

If you are locked out or need professional locksmith services or assistance, don’t trust just any local locksmith. Instead, call or contact IGTA security now. After you have provided us with a concise overview of the problem you are currently facing, we will then dispatch a fully equipped and fully licensed locksmith to your location as expeditiously as possible. We also install security cameras in Etobicoke customers and other neighbourhoods in the GTA.

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