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Medical Alert Systems in Toronto

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Did you know that after a person in Toronto reaches the age of 65, 6 out of 10 hospital emergency room visits take place due to slips, trips, and falls?

To compound the above, 3 in every 10 people over the age of 65, will fall each year. What is worse, when hip fractures after falls require hospitalization, almost half of all people in Ontario aged 65 and over, will be unable to return home and continue living independently.

Needless to say, accidents in and around the home can result in serious and potentially life-changing injuries as we get older. The good news, however, is that prompt medical assistance can significantly improve people’s chances of recovery. This is why at IGTA Security in Toronto, we specialize in the provision of two-way voice-supported, smart medical alert systems so you can rest easy and have peace of mind.

How Our Medical Alert Systems & Smart Fall Detection Systems help Change Lives

In a 2012 Sunrise Senior Living study, it was found that mobility impairment and loss of independence are key concerns for people as they enter their senior years.

Because of such concerns, IGTA Security strives to help people live more independently for longer, by providing in-24-hour monitored medical alert and fall detection systems to Ontario seniors.

We don’t believe that the potential for a fall or similar kind of home accident should prevent senior people from living fully independent lives in Toronto. Our medical alert systems are subsequently designed to help people continue to live independently, safe in the knowledge that should an accident happen, emergency service personnel will arrive on-site in a matter of minutes.

How Medical Alert & Fall Detection Systems Work For Security

At IGTA Security, our medical alert system solutions can be deployed both in the home and as fully mobile devices in Toronto.

Equipped with GPS tracking, a simple push of a button can alert emergency services and ambulance and paramedic staff to a person’s precise location. This being the case, our mobile medical alert system can be used as both a personal medical alarm and an effective personal security device.

Of course, when slips, trips, falls, or any kind of medical emergency does strike, it might not always be possible to push a medical alert system button in time. Thankfully, our IGTA fall detection system can detect when a home or outdoor user is in potential medical distress automatically.

Should our medical alert system suspect that a wearer or home resident has come to harm, the system itself will contact our 24-hour alarm monitoring center. After notifying one of our team, they will then dispatch Ontario emergency services to a person’s Toronto location as expeditiously as possible to save time.

Medical Alert System 24-Hour Monitoring & Two-Way Voice Response For a Medical Emergency

In the majority of cases, senior residents in Ontario feel safer and much more comfortable in their surroundings after a smart medical alert system has been installed in their homes.

Of course, at IGTA, we also find that many Ontario seniors worry about raising alarms inadvertently. This is why with every medical alert and fall detection system which we install, our customers are provided with live, 24-hour alarm monitoring, coupled with immediate voice response by trained call center staff should an alarm be activated.

If one of our medical alert systems is activated, a member of our team will immediately attempt to communicate with an alarm user verbally. At this point, Ontario seniors can confirm verbally that an alarm has been activated inadvertently. Alternatively, should no such confirmation be made, alarm monitors will assume that a person is in distress and dispatch emergency services accordingly.

Hassle-Free & Affordable Independent Living Solutions

At IGTA, we assess the individual needs of every Ontario senior and vulnerable person we work with so you can have peace of mind. We then advise people in regard to what the medical alert system might be best suited for a specific context, before arranging full installation and system deployment.

The most important thing to us is that monitored alarm users feel safe. This is why after installing a new medical alert system in Ontario, we make sure that users, family members, and carers, are fully aware of how our system works. Much more importantly, we don’t lock Ontario seniors into long-term annual contracts. Our users instead pay a flat monthly fee complete with the added benefit of free system activation and a full lifetime warranty.

Always Caring & Always On-Call

Do you worry about losing your independence and/or having your quality of life impeded, simply because of old age?

At IGTA Security, we believe that everyone should be able to live a full and independent life, regardless of their age or level of mobility. This being the case, help us help you live your life to the fullest and have peace of mind. Call or contact us today for a no-obligation free quote. Consider our other security solutions such as fire prevention installations, CCTV camera installation in the city of Toronto, and even home automation setups. Choose IGTA as your choice when looking for security companies.

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