Business Phone Systems For Office & Small Business

Business Phone Systems For Office & Small Business

PBX Phone System Solutions – Get Your Business Talking

ICT internal and external communication systems have revolutionized the Toronto business scene in recent years.

Where once business conference calls relied on call routing and logistical planning, a business today can organize Skype calls and Google Hangouts in seconds. There is, however, still a need in modern-day business contexts, for affordable and reliable office phone systems.

How PBX Systems Aid Better Business Communication

Internal and external business phone systems are just as essential today as they have ever been. This is because telephone systems for business allow different departments, individuals, and offices, to communicate instantly between locations. What is more, the most efficient way to do this will always be via a dedicated company PBX phone system.

What is a PBX Phone System?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Unlike a regular phone system, a PBX system is hosted and managed internally. This means that Toronto business owners don’t have to pay separate line rental and/or call charges when communicating internally. Instead, free desk-to-desk calls can be placed at any time, with departments and individuals each being allocated a dedicated PBX extension number.

VoIP PBX System Installation in Toronto

A PBX phone system installation can help even smaller Toronto businesses save thousands in regard to their annual internal communication costs. There is just one problem.

In Toronto today, many businesses are adopting increasingly decentralized office structures. Different departments will occasionally be based in different parts of a shared office building. At the same time, essential team members might work from home or be non-location specific.

Needless to say, a traditional PBX phone system simply can’t be tailored to meet the full communication requirements of a modern, decentralized Toronto business. The good news, however, is that a hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system can be. This is why at IGTA Security, we provide VoIP PBX communication systems that can benefit almost any modern business.

Installation Automation & On-Going PBX Phone System Maintenance

Instead of requiring individual fixed phone lines to facilitate desk-to-desk communication, a VoIP PBX system routes calls via the Internet. In doing so, a VoIP PBX system can reduce infrastructure costs, improve call quality, and be configured to work with other communication systems such as automated customer switchboards & answering systems.

Hosted PBX Phone System Benefits

At IGTA Security in Toronto, we provide local businesses with fully hosted VoIP PBX solutions. This means that system users aren’t required to buy or install any physical PBX communication equipment. Instead, after an initial discovery phase in which we identify your business’s unique internal communication requirements, we will route communications through a VoIP system hosted and fully maintained by ourselves.

As well as reducing equipment and maintenance costs, a PBX phone system hosted by ourselves provides business users with zero system downtime and easy future scalability. Should you need to add a new extension to your PBS system, you won’t need to invest in the installation of a new physical phone line. Instead, new connections can be added instantly by ourselves, leaving you to simply carry on with business as usual. We also provide IT support services in Toronto to help your business stay secure.

Invest in a Better Internal Phone System for Your Business

At IGTA Security, we provide affordable VoIP PBX systems to small and large businesses in the greater Toronto area. This being the case, don’t wait to start benefiting from faster and fully customizable communication solutions. Instead, simply call or contact us today in order to start discussing your communication requirements in more detail. We also do camera installations for homes in the Pickering area.

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