Best Ways to Secure Your Backyard From Intruders

When it comes to home security, most people are concerned about protecting what’s inside their homes. But how are you going to keep the inside safe when your entry points outside are easily breached.  Protecting your backyard is just as important as your front lawn.  No one wants to have their property ransacked. 

According to the recent statistics, there were 161,291 burglaries in Canada in 2019, with break-ins being the most common threat. While it’s essential to keep your home safe, remember that the backyard area is one of your property’s first potential entry points. Furniture, gardening tools, bikes, bbq and grill, and other outdoor items can also be a target for theft. Here are a few ideas you can practice to secure your backyard from intruders. You can pick one or two, but the best way is to implement as many as possible.


Not just any dog. A big dog who barks loud and is protective of their owners. A recent survey showed that one of the most effective deterrent to intruders is a large, loud dog. Their bark could alert you, and even your neighbors to the intruder’s presence. Especially if they don’t usually bark around you. Next, thieves think dogs are a big deal breaker and a risk they’re not willing to take. In other words, they’re afraid of getting bitten. 

Don’t forget that your dog is also part of the family and shouldn’t be treated as another security alarm. Treat them with love, respect, and train with positive reinforcement. Teach them property boundaries and when not to bark. A good guard dog knows how to distinguish a friend from a foe.

The question is, how do you make sure you get the right dog? What breed? Should you adopt from a shelter? Get a specific breed? Not all large dogs grow up to be protective of their property. Some can be friendly to almost everyone they meet. 

#2 Alarm and Security Cameras

Installing alarm systems and security cameras such as CCTVs is an effective way to help prevent theft and even monitor a break-in that’s currently happening. Depending on how advanced your security system is, it can quickly alert you and your family as soon as a break occurs. Not just burglary, homeowners can also observe what’s happening outside their homes in real-time. 

Cameras do not just record a burglary video. It can also capture any crime in the covered area, helping authorities easily identify the intruder. An outdoor security camera do the following:

  • Prevention: Burglars are afraid of being caught on cam. Seeing you have CCTVs installed would make them give a second thought.
  • Identification: For example, you’re away on vacation, and your home still experienced theft, recorded footage can help authorities identify and capture the suspect.
  • Notification: There are some security cameras with motion sensors connected to wifi that can send alerts to your mobile phone or computer when someone enters the vicinity. You can also check manually to immediately call the security or police when you spot an intruder in your home. 

What to Consider When Buying a Surveillance Camera?

Consider the following when you plan to monitor your backyard. Determine the size of the area you want to monitor, the range of the camera, and the number of security cameras you want to install. Consider getting a camera with a motion sensor, wifi connectivity, and night vision to reap maximum benefits in securing your home.

#3 Get Sensor Lighting

Getting an additional installation of motion sensor lights can be useful in providing extra security in your backyard area. Lights can be helpful if you have a lot of plants and bushes in your area. When a slight motion is detected, the light turns on for a few seconds, depending on your settings. Sensor lightings are easy and inexpensive to install. Not only are they great deterrents from thieves, but it’s also practical when you or any family member goes out at night and needs automatic lighting. 

#4 Secure Your Belongings

Never leave your essentials lying around in your backyard (tools, furniture, etc.) It’s easily an open invitation for intruders to break into your property. Keep them in a secure shed or garage that’s locked and pick-proof. Hide and secure ladders! Your ladders can be used by intruders to get entry into your home. Keep them inside, or if you can’t, make sure they’re locked from use.

#5 Proper Landscaping

Contrary to popular belief, overgrown trees, plants, and bushes will not protect your property. Intruders love being hidden from hindsight, and this foliage provides them cover. Keep your plants trimmed, and opt for having an open area that leaves bare visibility for you and your neighbors.

Final Reminders

Your backyard is one of the most vulnerable spots in your home. It’s the first place that any intruder will gain access to, so make sure to prioritize it’s security. By doing the tips we’ve listed above, you’ll immediately improve your security to protect you and your loved ones. If you need more assistance, we offer the best security systems in Canada and we’d be more than willing to give you a hand. Call us at 647-793-6171 if you need assistance in security solutions. 

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