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In a 2010 Defence Research & Development Canada whitepaper, a study into the effectiveness of security cameras and surveillance systems found that CCTV systems are most effective at reducing property-specific crime.

After security camera installation in your home in Toronto, instances of vandalism, graffiti, break-ins, and home intrusions all drop sharply. Conversely, however, the study also found that public CCTV cameras located on streets, sidewalks, and city square areas, are much less effective as crime deterrents.

Given the 2010 whitepaper findings, Toronto home and business owners need to take note that their property and personal security can’t always be guaranteed by public CCTV cameras and surveillance systems, even when a property is in direct line of sight of such a system.

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Home Security Specials

Ultra HD HIKVISION 4K IP Cameras with Professional Installation from – $1,999 CAD

  • 4 x Cameras 4K
  • 4K DVR
  • 2 TB memory hard drive
  • Cat6 wires ( Wires and Connectors Included )
  • Mobile remote view
  • Allow the user to be notified on a mobile phone when Line Crossing Detection is triggered
  • Warranty Included
  • Full Installation & Lifetime Technical Support
Home Security Specials

Full HD Cameras and 4 Channel DVR with Professional Installation from – $1,599 CAD

  • 4 x Cameras full HD
  • 4 Channels DVR
  • 2 TB memory hard drive
  • Cat6 wires ( Wires and Connectors Included )
  • Mobile remote view
  • Allow the user to be notified on a mobile phone when Line Crossing Detection is triggered.
  • Warranty Included
  • Full Installation & Lifetime Technical Support
Home Security Specials

8 4K Pro Cameras, 4K 8 Channels DVR with Professional Installation from – $2,750 CAD

  • 8 x Cameras 4K
  • 4K 8 Channels DVR
  • 4 TB memory hard drive
  • Cat6 wires ( Wires and Connectors Included )
  • Mobile remote view
  • Allow the user to be notified on a mobile phone when Line Crossing Detection is triggered
  • Warranty Included
  • Full Installation & Lifetime Technical Support

Keep Your Family & Your Property Better Protected

As anyone who has been a victim of a crime such as a burglary or act of vandalism knows, the psychological effects of crime can be profound.

When a business or home burglary takes place, it can take months before business owners and home inhabitants can start feeling secure in their own space again. Worse, both opportunist and organized criminals are known to repeatedly target properties, especially when home and business owners don’t make visible security improvements.

Thankfully, at IGTA in Toronto, we take home and business security just as seriously as each of our clients do. This is why we strive to be more than just security camera installation experts. Instead, we go so far as to stay on top of the latest indoor and outdoor CCTV technology developments. This way, our CCTV installation services can always be relied upon to provide the security solutions you need to keep your property better protected.

Home Security System

Choosing the Right Security Camera Installation for Your Toronto Home

At IGTA in Toronto, we provide a wide range of networked and standalone digital video recorders (DVR). What is more, while each system is different, each is designed to cater to the precise security needs of each of our customers.

DVR Camera & Security System Benefits

At IGTA, our DVR home and business CCTV systems capture high-quality analog video images of areas which require constant surveillance. As images are captured, however, they are converted into a digital format and stored locally on-site on either a hard drive, SD card, or USB flash memory drive. What is more, as well as identifying where best to place DVR cameras around a property, our Toronto security camera installers can configure systems to only record as and when you need them to.

We can configure a DVR security camera to only record images at certain times of day. Alternatively, our CCTV system installation teams can configure cameras to automatically start recording after activation by accompanying motion sensors.

Video Recording Camera

Networked / IP CCTV Video Recording Systems

Unlike a DVR security system, a networked CCTV system can be configured to stream live video over a networked Internet connection. This being the case, property owners can remotely monitor homes and business properties from anywhere in the world via desktop PC, tablet, and smartphone devices. At the same time, however, a networked surveillance system in Toronto can also be configured to automatically record video, as well as notify camera system administrators when potential threats are detected via accompanying motion detectors.

Key Benefits of DVR & NVR Security Surveillance Systems

Both DVR and NVR/IP CCTV systems act as an effective deterrent to property-specific crime. Much more importantly, when break-ins and burglaries do take place, both camera systems will help property owners gather evidence that can later be used in court to prosecute perpetrators. When choosing a camera-based surveillance system, however, it is important to remember that the quality of recorded images can vary.

At present, an NVR/IP camera security system is the only system capable of capturing and recording video at HD image resolutions over 1080p. When choosing the right CCTV system for a property, however, owners and property managers should also take into account factors such as what kind of CCTV security system might be better for night time recording.

Benefits Security System

Video Intercom & Infrared CCTV Camera System Installation

As local security specialists in Toronto, we know that the security needs of every home and business property are intrinsically different. This is why as well as DVR and NVR/IP security camera installations, we can also provide video intercom systems and HD infrared CCTV surveillance camera systems.

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What Components are Included in a CCTV Surveillance System?

The individual cables, camera housings, power units, and networking devices used in a CCTV camera system will always vary depending on the system being installed. At IGTA, however, we always install any systems as discretely as possible.

Even when installing a networked, weatherproof surveillance system in an outdoor area, we will expertly wire and network units so that power and transmission cables are completely unnoticeable. This way you benefit from superior property security without compromising the visual aesthetic of your property.

How IGTA Can Help Better Secure Your Property

In order to get the most out of any video surveillance camera installation, you need to work with a professional CCTV camera system vendor and installation team.

Any home or business surveillance system will only ever work to protect a property if cameras are strategically placed, fully weatherproofed, and properly configured to work with a networked or accompanying DVR system. This is why at IGTA, we conduct pre-system installation walkthroughs of properties. This way, we can identify the best areas to place cameras and install systems which are both discrete and configured to work as per your specific DVR and/or home network requirements.

We hide all power and video transmission cables, offer on-going support for the security systems we provide, and our security camera installers always go to lengths to make sure that you know how to use and configure your new CCTV system.

Don’t wait to start benefiting from better home security for your family. Find out more about IGTA’s domestic and commercial CCTV installation services today, by reaching out to one of our customer service representatives.

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